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Because viewers of this website regularly ask me if I sell the photos on my site I want to make the following statement:

This is in no way a commercial site. I'm just a huge Formula 1 fan who admires the work of all those professional F1-photographers who's work can be viewed on my site.
All photos on are published with permission. The pictures on the site are not the original ones, but resized to usually 1024*683 pixels. In general it is not allowed to re-distribute images from
It is allowed to use the circuit graphics (ęSebastiaan Traas/ Just be so kind to ask me first.
If you are interested in buying the original hi-res material you'll have to turn to the copyrightholder. 

Please do not deeplink to pictures on my site. By deeplinking you are using my bandwidth.

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 updated November 1, 2010